Who Could Forget Them?

Posted: August 25, 2013 in Asian Horror
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I’ve been fond of watching horror movies ever since I’m on my third grade. As far as I can remember, Japanese movies gave me the chill and got to scare the hell out of me. Who could forget Yamamura Sadako from the Japanese Horror Movie The Ring. Where 3D TVs was already introduced by her scary crawling out of the television. haha.¬†(I also remember watching Gokusen because of the actress that played the role of Sadako).


And the creepy crawling woman from The Grudge? (and Toshio). The silence of the movie really adds up to the scare factor of the film. And the line “You’ll die in seven days” got it even scarier. During the first time i watched this film, i remember that i am actually paranoid about the days that passed. I’m waiting if something would happen to me in that seven days span. haha. that’s why i can’t forget this movie from my childhood.

Beside from the film The Ring, one japanese movie that i could remember during my childhood is The Grudge.

I’ve listed some of those creepy moments i could remember on watching The Grudge.

the Creepy sound she creates every time she’s appearing. (most of the time, while crawling down the stairs. haha)


images (1)


This scene. No question why it is creepy. Especially when you watched this during your childhood. I always believe that “bed scenes” on horror movies usually scares the viewers. I think because it makes the viewer imagine it before they sleep. And it’s dark at night when we sleep.

And of course,this scene, where she appeared below the blanket.¬†That’s creepy. As I can remember, I could always imagine this when i was a kid. I always check my blanket if someone is in there. yeaah, childhood horror.

images (2)

I believe these movies played a big role on giving me the interest on watching those kind of movies. It’s part of my childhood. And It’s one thing that I miss about my childhood.

If you haven’t seen these films, get your copies now and watched it. You won’t regret watching it. Thanks for reading!

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